Nurse Life Care Planning

A Nurse Life Care Plan is a road map of care for individuals who have suffered a catastrophic or non-catastrophic injury or chronic illness and require long-term continued treatment or care. The Nurse Life Care Plan provides insight into the future medical and non-medical needs of the individual and the costs associated with those needs. Our methodology is based on the nursing process and includes collaboration with other healthcare disciplines.

life care plan critiques

A life care plan should be objective, accurate and appropriate for the clients needs and future care.  Without a medical background and an understanding of the life care planning methodology, it can be hard to determine the accuracy of it conclusions. This is where a life care plan critique or rebuttal maybe considered.


A Medical Cost Projection is typically used to get an understanding of medical damages of a case. While being similar to a Life Care Plan, a Medical Cost Projection is usually completed on uncomplicated cases with limited future medical care. The Medical Cost Projection is completed through a process of determining future medical care and anticipated outcomes as well as costs of future care identified through review of medical records and does not include collaboration with other healthcare providers. Medical Cost Projections are valuable tools used in negotiations and in setting reserves.

Case Management

Case Management is a process that allows the nurse specialist the ability to assess, plan, coordinate, implement and monitor the overall health care and services needed. It includes home assessment, medical appointments, referral sourcing, management and short term as well as long term case oversight.


We help attorneys by providing our insight, knowledge and expertise of the american medical system to help interpret medical records as well as many other services.


Medical Bill Reviews are ideal when an understanding is needed of past medical bills related to an injury are usual and customary. The Medical Bill Review offers concise insight into a comparison of medical records against past medical bills, codes and costs in relationship to injuries and research utilizing nationally accepted databases within the appropriate geographical area to identify usual, reasonable and customary rates.